In today’s visual world, good branding has never been so important. A well-designed corporate identity is essential to differentiate your brand from your competitors, so you need to get it right from the start. 
What is branding? Is it just a logo, business cards or a website? Branding is often defined as the promotion of a company’s services or products through advertising or distinctive designs. Your brand is your identity, your voice in a competitive market. What sets you aside from your competitor? Your brand. 
According to Shopify, “branding is all of the ways you establish an image of your company in your customers' eyes.” 
So why is branding important? Good branding tells your potential customer something about who you are, what you stand for, what differentiates you and what makes you unique. You can make your brand stand out in variety of ways, from your logo to brand colours, signage to stationery, infographics, exhibition or pull-up stands or leaflets, the design of your website and social media pages and much more. 
When a customer invests in your business, e.g. buying a product or service, they may want to get in contact with you. Most would look at your signs or brochures or search up your company on the Internet, which would lead them firstly to your website. Your website should be attractive, transparent and easy to use. 
If your company has been established for a while, you may want to invest in a new website design or new graphics for your corporate literature and marketing materials, to give a fresh visual identity. 
As a start-up company, you may not have the resources like the mega corporations, for example British Petroleum, who spent £149 million on their marketing department, so why not try us at a fraction of the cost. Here at Bliink Design we offer creative thinking in a visual world. 
We will transform your business ideas into graphics, which will represent your company and reflect your ethics. We will help you to develop customer loyalty, whilst keeping everything professional. 
Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, we will help you to understand your target audience and develop literature that communicates your key message in a format that is attractive, relevant and compelling. Just check out our portfolio to see why our customers use us at 
At Bliink Design, we aim to provide quality work with excellent service, at a cost you can afford, so get in touch today. 
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