Posts tagged “Data Visualising”

Is your Powerpoint diagram lacking in appeal? I also help companies with basic work as well as complex data visualisation. The brief was to transform a standard flowchart into something more appealing. The client also needed to edit, so I always ask if there is a particular piece of software of preference. I work in Adobe Illustrator, Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote and 3rd party software if required. 
Exhibition Graphics 
Love it when the exhibition plan comes together! - I don't often see the final of my infographics design and artwork. Good luck Dave Oakes, Powelectrics. #exhibition #artwork #mydesign #infographics #design #dataviz 
Ok - this was created a while ago - a timeline infographic showing the faces of the five pound note over the years, from paper to plastic. Designed for  
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