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Every day we are surrounded by dozens of shades of dozens of colours that generate emotions and opinions without us even realising it. When shopping or searching for the right company, the first thing that a customer may notice is colour, so make your branding and logo colourful and eye catching. 
Why use colour at all? While there is no black and white formula for creating perfect branding, a black and white colour scheme isn’t the way to go; ads in colour are read up to 42% more than those simply in black and white. 
In today’s visual world, good branding has never been so important. A well-designed corporate identity is essential to differentiate your brand from your competitors, so you need to get it right from the start. 
What is branding? Is it just a logo, business cards or a website? Branding is often defined as the promotion of a company’s services or products through advertising or distinctive designs. Your brand is your identity, your voice in a competitive market. What sets you aside from your competitor? Your brand. 
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