Posts from March 2018

Whether you're shopping in a store or browsing online, you're inundated with hundreds of different options, brands and logos. Those very logos may be what draws someone to your business and makes you stand out. 
Before launching Bliink Design, I learnt how useful negative space is in Art and Design while studying at art school. We discovered how essential it is within graphic design, and in particular, how vital it is if you want to create an eye-catching logo. 
People are visual creatures and we use our eyes to gain information from the world around us.  
That's why traditional forms of marketing use bright colours and engaging words to attract potential customers.  
In our digital world a new marketing tool is being used more and more, the infographic. 
The golden arches with the red background; the silhouette of an apple; and the swoosh of the Nike tick are just a few examples of effective and recognisable graphics which are the corner stones to mainstream branding.  
Your logo is your image, your business's identity. Your logo is determined not only by what item or service you're selling, but also by your vision and culture. 
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