Every day we are surrounded by dozens of shades of dozens of colours that generate emotions and opinions without us even realising it. When shopping or searching for the right company, the first thing that a customer may notice is colour, so make your branding and logo colourful and eye catching. 
Why use colour at all? While there is no black and white formula for creating perfect branding, a black and white colour scheme isn’t the way to go; ads in colour are read up to 42% more than those simply in black and white. 
You may be wondering how important colour choice really is: the answer is that it is statistically proven to be very important. Roughly 85% of consumers consider colour to be the primary reason their attention was drawn to buy a particular product, with around 93% saying they look at visual appearance when buying a product. While you may turn away the mud brown dress in order to buy the pink floral one, other consumers will also pick one company over another simply due to the colours they use. 
There may be a reason why wearing green and orange together makes you want to cry (apart from the fashion faux pas); colours trigger a chemical reaction in your brain that produces an emotional response. This response floods you with memories, associations and different connotations. Our brains respond to colour, so use your brain to boost your branding and logo with clever colour selection. 
Everyone has a favourite colour. Be it pink, blue or black, it’s time to put your personal preferences aside and pick the best colour for your logo and brand. Colours are associated with meanings. By choosing particular colours, you can shape your own identify. Take the colour green for example. Green connotes nature, peace, growth, health and wealth and is used by many famous brands such as Starbucks Coffee, Spotify and Land Rover. The colour blue represents trust, dependability and strength, while orange reflects friendliness, cheerfulness and confidence, yellow is thought to imply optimism, clarity and warmth, red means excitement, youthful and bold, purple says you’re creative, imaginative and wise while grey can be read that you are neutral, calm and balanced. 
Don’t just be green with envy, why not incorporate some of this positive colour in your logo and branding or include another colour that would subtly portray your desired message? 
Not sure how to go about it? Why not contact us and have a chat about colours and how we can help you. 
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