Every day we are surrounded by dozens of shades of dozens of colours that generate emotions and opinions without us even realising it. When shopping or searching for the right company, the first thing that a customer may notice is colour, so make your branding and logo colourful and eye catching. 
Why use colour at all? While there is no black and white formula for creating perfect branding, a black and white colour scheme isn’t the way to go; ads in colour are read up to 42% more than those simply in black and white. 
Whether you have an established business or are just starting up, exhibition events are a good way of getting your enterprise known. They are the ideal opportunity to give your potential customers the chance to see, touch and hear your products and services, or the opportunity to taste samples, if you are in the food or drinks industries. 
Once you’ve decided on which show or exhibition to attend, the organisers will inform you about the cost, how many market leaders will be present, what sort of visitors will be attending, the previous year’s attendance and if any media will be there. 
Whether you're shopping in a store or browsing online, you're inundated with hundreds of different options, brands and logos. Those very logos may be what draws someone to your business and makes you stand out. 
Before launching Bliink Design, I learnt how useful negative space is in Art and Design while studying at art school. We discovered how essential it is within graphic design, and in particular, how vital it is if you want to create an eye-catching logo. 
People are visual creatures and we use our eyes to gain information from the world around us.  
That's why traditional forms of marketing use bright colours and engaging words to attract potential customers.  
In our digital world a new marketing tool is being used more and more, the infographic. 
The golden arches with the red background; the silhouette of an apple; and the swoosh of the Nike tick are just a few examples of effective and recognisable graphics which are the corner stones to mainstream branding.  
Your logo is your image, your business's identity. Your logo is determined not only by what item or service you're selling, but also by your vision and culture. 
Your brand and presence is really important, it will be seen everywhere, this is why you shouldn't cut corners. 
Whether you are a business start-up looking for a corporate logo - or just looking for a logo refresh here is our tuppence worth!... 
First things first... Make sure you have a positive business name, check for other companies that may have a similar name to avoid confusion or conflict. What would the initials be should you or others decide to shorten it? Check the website domain name you need is available for your organisation. 
In today’s visual world, good branding has never been so important. A well-designed corporate identity is essential to differentiate your brand from your competitors, so you need to get it right from the start. 
What is branding? Is it just a logo, business cards or a website? Branding is often defined as the promotion of a company’s services or products through advertising or distinctive designs. Your brand is your identity, your voice in a competitive market. What sets you aside from your competitor? Your brand. 
A set of infographics to show the comparison of financial planning amongst LGBT groups for social media platforms. The brief was to design the graphics and create artwork that could be used as templates for other Aegon offices to edit in their own language internationally.  
The information was supplied in Excel, then we professionally recreated them to style. Once approved we provided ediatable templates.  
Financial statistics include Adoption rights, Same-sex marriage, Readiness for retirement and retiring sooner than planned. 
Hey, we don't usually take on website projects, but this one was an exception. Bydand Security & Training owned by Ronnie Thom; an ex infantry soldier specialising in security and close protection. Wishing you all the best Ronnie - Good luck! :-) 
Pleased to announce, we are now working with Clarfeld in New York. Clarfeld are a wealth management firm recognised as one of the industry’s premier multi-family offices. We have created some pitch presentations, brochures and ongoing newsletters. 
Would you like some infographics that help your company be ranked by Forbes? Come to us! 
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